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Sunrise at Milecastle 39 on Hadrian's Wall

Welcome to Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall - the Local Walking Company based in the village of Wall.

Exploring - Discovering - Escaping - Recharging - There are numerous good reasons for coming to Hadrian's Wall - the World Heritage Site, the unique landscape, the challenge, or just the chance to 'get away from it all'. Whatever works for you, is what we're here to help you realise…

Walk the Wall - Trek the Trail - Having worked in Outdoor Activities and 'walked & talked' on Hadrian's Wall for over 30 years, it would be fair to say we know quite a bit about what Hadrian's Wall has to offer. Our experience and knowledge of the National Trail has continually evolved since it opened in 2003 and we've long-realised that not everyone is looking for exactly the same experience - so we give you the choice - see what you want and come for as long as you like - choose your own distance and stay where you feel comfortable...

Itinerary Planning - We set up Itineraries that suit the client - distances you're comfortable with - factoring in the terrain, the time it takes to traverse it, as well as giving the opportunity to explore Sites of Interest along the way.

Accommodation Booking - Securing Accommodation along Hadrian's Wall can be difficult. We talk to providers on a daily basis and as soon as we know when you're coming, we book whatever you need while it's available.

Baggage Transfers - No need to carry your heavy baggage between accommodations - we move it for you and it's awaiting your arrival at the end of your walking day.

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Backpackers - Our Trail Treks can keep the cost down to as little as £150 per person. We provide a Tent, set it up, dismantle it, move it and set it up again - whilst also moving your main baggage along the Trail, so it's waiting for you at the end of your walking day.

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